Australia is one of the countries with high tourist visits. Tourist arrivals to Australia now already covers regional areas of the country, besides of course Melbourne and Sydney. For completeness travel documents for nationals of Italy that will make a visit to Australia, can be described as below.

National: Italy (IT)
Destination: Australia (AU)

Passport is required for Italian citizens in visiting Australia. Passport and other documents accepted for entry the country must be valid on arrival.

Visa is required, except for Nationals of Italy with and Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) obtained prior to departure for Australia. Italian citizens passenger must travel as a tourist or on business.
For complete information about ETA, can be found at this general information.

- Travel documents issued by a recognized authority are accepted, if containing a photo, evidence of being able to re-enter the country of issue or enter a third country.
- Passengers traveling on domestic sectors of international flights within Australia must hold passports, or passport replacing documents accepted by Australia
- Australia issues and records visas electronically, including those for visitors, students, temporary business entrants and working holiday makers. The Australian Government does not require a visa holder to have a visa label contained in the passport. The visa is linked to a visa holder's passport or Australia Migration Status ImmiCard through its unique identifying number. The existence of an electronic visa enables airlines to verify a visa holde's status using Australia's Advance Passenger Processing (APP) system prior to boarding the aircraft. Travellers are responsible to ensure that they have a visa to enter Australia. Screen prints of visa issue are not acceptable.
- Valid visas in full or expired travel documents are accepted if accompanied by new travel document. Verification by airlines using Australia's Advance Passenger Processing (APP) system will require the details of the travel document that contains the visa.

- Passenger name in the passport and passport number must match those listed in the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA)
- In accordance with European Union (EU) Legislation, all minors who are nationals of Italy will be expected to hold their own passport or National ID Card (where applicable) when departing from Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Romania or a Schengen Member State.
For complete information about Schengen Member State, can be found at this general information.

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