The documents required by British citizens who will travel into the maldives country.

Normal passport: United Kingdom (GB)
Destination: Maldives (MV)

- British passport or other documents accepted for entry must be valid for the period of intended stay at Maldives. Maldives government does not giving limitation of minimum validity of passport.
- Hand writing passport or non-readable machine passport not accepted to entry.

- Passengers with a British passport can obtain a visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 30 days. The extra time of stay can be applied up to 60 days after entering Maldives.

- Visitor are required to hold documents or ticket for their next destination after Maldives.
- Visitor not holding return/onward ticket could be refused to entry
- Visitor who do not have a Hotel reservation or do not have Maldivian Sponsor are required to funds at least USD 30 per passengers, to cover stay and living cost at Maldives.

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