Canadian citizens traveling to the UAE, where two of their biggest international airport are Dubai (DXB) and Abu Dhabi (AUH), must have a travel document's as follows,

Normal pasport : Canada (CA)
Destination: United Arab Emirates (AE)

- Passports and other document accepted for UAE entry must be valid at least 6 months from the date of arrival.
- Special conditions, passport minimum validity 3 months at the date of arrival can be accept ted if Canadian citizens not entering via Abu Dhabi (AUH) airport and stay plan not exceeding 3 months at UAE.
- For passengers arriving at Dubai (DXB) should be using electronic passport. Hand-writen passport will be refused to entry.

- Nationals of Canada can obtain E-visa before departure at site During departure passengers must have a printed e-visa confirmation and Airlines can check the validity of e-visa on the same site.
- Nationals of Canada can obtain a visa on arrival, for maximum stay 30 days. They can also aplay to extend their stay for an additional 30 days.

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