Below are details travel document requirement for citizens of France who will go to Turkey.

Normal passport: France (FR)
Destination: Turkey (TR)

About validity of the passport, French who will go to turkey is allowed to use passport that has been expired. Expired passport, permited to entry when expired a maximum of 5 years.

For expired passport, visitor must provide supporting documents ie National ID Cards issued to nationals of France, that must be valid on arrival.

Visa is required to entry, except for Nationals of France who will visit for maximum stay of 90 days. In other words for visit under 90 days, National of France is free visa.

Minors visitor up to 18 years of age may be included in parent's passport.

- In accordance with European Union (EU) Legislation, all minors who are national of France will be expected to hold their own passport or national ID card (where applicable), when departing from Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Romania or a Schengen Member State. On this article can found list of Schengen member state.
- Passport and all other travel documents in bookiet form of all non-Turkish nationals, must contain at least 1 unused visa page, means at least have 1 blank passport page.

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